The Alleged Sub-Saharan African Origin of the Greeks?


A Systematic Review of Genetic Research and Historical Documents Dispels Arnaiz-Villena’s Theory


Five studies from Arnaiz-Villena claim that Greeks are genetically related more to Sub-Saharan (Ethiopian and western African) people than Mediterranean. Is there robust evidence for this theory?


We have examined the scientific evidence and the answer is: definitely not. This misconception is due to Arnaiz-Villena's faulty methodology. Highlights from Arnaiz-Villena's various studies include:


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Villena - Greeks, Japanese, San

From Arnaiz-Villena et al. (2001c), figure 4. Correspondence analysis showing the Greeks, San (African Bushmen) and Japanese grouped together.


Arnaiz-Villena's work has been criticized and rejected by the scientific community.


Numerous studies using proper methodology are presented, showing that Greeks cluster genetically with other Europeans.



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